Duke Fuqua School of Business Bryan Bollinger
Assistant Professor of Marketing

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      Working Papers
  • "Learning by Doing Spillovers in the Solar Photovoltaic Panel Industry" with Kenneth Gillingham (preparing revision)  

  • "Structural Analysis of Multi-Channel Demand" with Scott Shriver (preparing revision)
  • "Measuring Asymmetric Persistence and Interaction Effects of Media Exposures Across Platforms" with Michael Cohen and Lai Jiang (preparing revision)
      Work In Progress
  • "Green Technology Adoption and Advertising"

    With support from the Environmental Protection Agency
  • "Peer Effects in Outdoor Water Conservation" with Kenneth Gillingham and Jesse Burkhardt  

  • "Nutritional Labeling and Consumer Purchases" with Erin Hobin, Eli Liebman, Jocelyn Sacco, Lana Vanderlee, Fei Zuo, Laura Rosella, Heather Manson, and Dave Hammond

    With support from the Canadian Institutes of Health  


Last updated on March 25, 2016